Exhibition Schedule 2019

星和海  From the Stars to the Ocean  Kazuhiko Yakushiji  sculpture exhibition 
at Dayun Shuku Museum (大雲書庫美術館) in Dalian China

■ Date:  15Oct -24 Nov, 2019

■ Venue: Dayan Shuku Museum 

Kazuhiko Yakushiji "sculpture exhibition "
in Tokyo Masumi gallery

■ Date:  1 Nov -16 Nov, 2019

■ Venue: Masumi Tokyo 


Exhibition Schedule 2016

Kazuhiko Yakushiji "sculpture exhibition of the water"
〜Ao to Umi no Kokoro〜

■ Date:  20 July -26 July, 2016

■ Venue: Osaka Umeda Hankyu  7th Floor ART Gallery

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Exhibition Schedule 2015

Kazuhiko Yakushiji "sculpture exhibition of the water"
〜A journey with the Sprit of water〜

■ Date:  29 July -4 Aug, 2015

■ Venue: Shinjyuku ISETAN ART Gallery

Exhibition Schedule 2014

Kazuhiko Yakushiji "sculpture exhibition of the water"
Special display: Kazuki Takahashi "play ☆ clowning ☆ King" X Kazuhiko Yakushiji "sculpture of the water"

■ Date:  25 Jun -1 July, 2014

close at 4:00 p.m .on ※ last day for from Wednesday, Jun 25 to Tuesday, July 1

■ Venue: Mitsukoshi Ginza 8th Floor Gallery


A very special exhibition where the artworks of Kazuhiko Yakushiji meet the world of "Yu-Gi-Oh!(遊☆戯☆王)"by Kazuki Takahashi will be held in the Ginza Mitsukoshi Art Gallery from June 25 to July 1.

This dream collabiration has been inspired and shaped by a happy encounter of Takahashi sensei with the fins Yakushiji produced.
The secret in the exhibition postcard of "Astral" Takahashi sensei specially contributed to this collabirative exhibition and another "Astral" expressed as a "sculpture of the water" will be disclosed in the Gnza Mitsukoshi gallery. 
The two "Astrals" are waiting to fascinate the visitors!

Kazuhiko Yakushiji who felt a sign of "Aqua Spirit", and engraved it into dolphin and a whale. 

By book exhibition, you see "a sculpture of the water" with the divineness which is underlying in water - nature as form. 

You can enjoy the sculpture of the water born from collaboration with comics "play ☆ clowning ☆ King" of Mr. Kazuki Takahashi as display especially.




Exhibition Schedule 2013

A Solo Art Exhibition : Memories of Blue

Date: 24 - 30 July, 2013

Venue: Isetan Art Gallery (Isetan Department Store Shinjyuku 5F)


Kazuhiko Yakushiji

A Solo Art Exhibition: Memories of Blue


Date: 24 - 30 July, 2013

Venue: Isetan Art Gallery (Isetan Department Store Shinjyuku 5F)



Kazuhiko Yakushiji who was born in Osaka, Japan in 1968, is a self-taught artist. Using his original technique, Kaz has presented “the world of water” through his artworks of acrylic objects of dolphins and whales, and art jewelries. His activities go beyond the area of art. His dolphin sculptures have led him to join a successful project of artificial fins for a sick dolphin.



Memories of Blue is his 9thsolo exhibition at Isetan Department Store.


In the past exhibitions, a secret existence of “the spirits of water” was expressed in the form of the sculptures of the dolphins and whales Kaz had met in the ocean. In the 2013 exhibition, the spirits of water are represented by pale images of Blue Dragon, Blue Lotus and Blue Mermaid born from the ocean.



Why are we strongly attracted to the ocean and the colour blue? It is probably because life was born from the ocean and the colour reminds us of life. Through the creation of thespirits of waterin the colour blue, I wish to bring into form almost forgotten memories that we were all born from the ocean and to deliver unreached voices of nature.”